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Ever since the inception of Safe Barter in 2012, the way company dealing with safe barter across ...

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Barter has developed into a sophisticated tool to help businesses increase their...

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Shop No. 2, Shri Saibaba Road No.2, Singh Estate, Opp. Basara Studio, Kandivali (E), Mumbai - 400101.

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Who We Are?

Safe Barter is a innovative business concept, which helps small, medium and large business to minimize cash outflow and optimize your existing capabilities to accelerate growth and expand horizons. Bartering benefits companies that see a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services rather than cash, and it also enables those who are lacking hard currency to obtain goods and services.

Barter as is known, is the most ancient and perhaps the first mode of product exchanges, but in today's shrinking global and uncertain business envouirnment exchange trade is the best way to minimize cost, maximize capacity usage; expand customer base and branding of product and services. All these factors led Safe Barter to enter and find ground in the business scenario.

Benefits of Barter -


Why do businesses join a barter exchange?

One-on-one trading is done daily between businesses. The problem with one-on-one trading is that the transactions will not match exactly as per the requirements of each business owner. In a barter network, everyone trades with everyone, even if they do not want to take back directly what the other person has to offer. amount Trade due are credited/ debited to a trade account of the respective parties, which can then be spent on any item or service desired from within the network.

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